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Alpha Defense Systems

Alpha Defense Systems is a comprehensive combination of strategies, training methods, and techniques designed to provide practitioners with highly efficient and effective self defense skills.

It covers all ranges (stand up, clinch, and ground) and areas of self defense, and the use of weapons and multiple opponents. Get ready for the best training of your life! Everyone who walks through the door gets their own professional personal trainer, just like the champions.
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Special packages personalized to meet your goals and needs
30 minute sessions
60 minute sessions
Individual Personal Training
Boxing • Martial Arts
One on one training for fundamental technique, fitness and advanced training.
Couples and Parent/Child Workouts are welcome.
Personalized Workout Regimens
Tired of treadmills and weights that take months to provide the results you're looking for? My years of experience training in Boxing and Martial Arts allows me to provide you with a state of the art, personalized training regimen that will get you toned, defined, and in the best shape of your life. Together we will increase your stamina, strength and endurance while working on self defense. You'll fully enjoy learning the art of boxing and Martial Arts and getting your workout like the professionals do!

No matter what your fitness or experience level is. This program is structured with results in mind. Heavy bag work, hitting mitts, and conditioning drills, are combined for a high intensity workout that is the best sweat in town.Let me show you why a Boxing and Martial Arts workout is better than a CrossFit workout!
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