Birmingham Boxing & Martial Arts, Hoover, AL


Welcome to Birmingham Boxing & Martial Arts. Located in Hoover, Alabama, Coach Jimmy is here to get you FIT using Boxing and Martial Arts Training in a non intimidating environment.

Forget tire flipping and box jumping—boxing and Martial Arts can be a safer (yet just as effective and demanding) alternative to some of the riskier heart-pounding workouts out there. “Your body moves exactly the way it was intended to move, just at elevated speeds,”.“Plus you can train with the same intensity and purpose of a competitive fighter. That's not necessarily so for other fitness endeavors."

Coach Jimmy, has been coaching pro fighters and amateurs in marital arts for over 35 years. He trains all his members like fighters no matter the skill level. Boxing and martial arts can be an intimidating art, but what most people don't realize is that in a safe and professional environment, anyone can learn to fight. That is what Coach Jimmy's mission has been. This is not a place for fighters to knock each other's teeth out, this is a place to learn how to defend yourself and get fit!

Coach Jimmy offers private and small group sessions. However groups are made up of no more than 8 people at a time. This is to make sure everyone gets the attention they deserve and to maintain a safe environment.
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Birmingham Boxing and Martial Arts - Hoover, AL